amazon web services


Amazon Web Services Technical Essentials course is useful for those candidates who want to get trained on various services, products and solutions. With the help of this course, you will become proficient in using Amazon services efficiently. There will also be a live course to make you well versed in using Amazon services. A live demo will help you in learning Amazon console fully.

What will you learn
  • Create (CMS) Content Management System

    You will learn to create (CMS) Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, magento or Joomla.

  • Advanced PHP Learning

    You will learn to create your own web applications based on PHP programming and our instructures deeply clear all the advanced PHP skills.

  • Complete Coverage of PHP Course

    We have included all the basic and advanced PHP skills like Oop's Concept, Control Statements, State Management, PHP With DataBase, String in PHP and more.

Become a PHP Master and create your own projects and web applications. below we have mentioned the skills which you will learn in this course.

  • Learn MySQL
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Use forms to submit data
  • Databases Managment
  • HTML 5 / Bootstrap
  • Content Management System
  • Launch your Web Application
  • AJAX to submit data
  • PHP security
  • API to bring Data


  • 95 Lectures
  • 15:42:55


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Vipul Sharma – 10-Nov-18:

I work at Amazon and despite the training provided onsite, I wanted a little extra. I found it in the Prolytics Amazon web services course. This course is a must for those who want to work with Amazon!

Shivani Dwivedi – 21-Oct-18:

The Amazon web service course that Prolytics offers is by far the best as it incorporates both theory and practical sessions, making for a holistic learning experience. Thumbs up!

Suresh Vasdhani – 02-Oct-18:

The inclusion of advanced material in the Amazon web service course helped me immensely to become better at my job. This is truly the best course in the market!