Firebase Masterclass

Firebase Masterclass

Firebase is a mobile application development platform by Google. Using Google Firebase you can easily develop very high quality app with lots of functionalities that helps your business to grow faster and wider. With firebase you can use functionalities like analytics , messaging, databases and crash reports so that you may focus on your users more precisely. As Google name is attached with this platform hence you may trust on Firebase even for the bigger apps. Firebase helps you tackle upcoming challenges, no matter whether you are a marketing guy, a developer or a product manager.

What will you learn
  • If you are looking for the best backend to go along with Angular, or even better if you are looking to do as little server-side development as possible and focus mostly on the frontend, then look no further: Firebase is the right choice for you.

  • With Firebase, you will be able to query your database directly from the client and even directly modify data straight from the client in a secure way. You might not think that this would even be possible and that there always has to be a server involved in order for things to be secure, and that is true.

  • Learn MySQL
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Use forms to submit data
  • Databases Managment
  • HTML 5 / Bootstrap
  • Content Management System
  • Launch your Web Application
  • AJAX to submit data
  • PHP security
  • API to bring Data


  • 62 lectures
  • 07:15:43


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Gautam – 08-jan-19:

This is the best app development course you will ever come across! The course is from Google therefore, success is sure and very easy to learn with the teachers at Prolytics.

Pratigya Rani – 25-Dec-18:

The instructors I had when doing the Firebase Masterclass course at Prolytics were just phenomenal! They could turn complex concepts into simple ones without even trying.

Tanya – 21-Feb-19:

I love the exposure I got when doing the Google Firebase Masterclass course at Prolytics. Getting the chance to work on live projects is always a bonus! The lecturers were amazing too!