Microsoft Advanced Excel

Microsoft Advanced Excel

With our Microsoft Advanced Excel Course you will master the most widely used spreadsheet. We have the best trainers to trained you and you will learn Excel workbook, tables, cells, interactive components, creating dashboard, filtering, charting, sorting, data processing, Pivot Table with real data sets.

What will you learn
  • Think like Excel

    To be proficient in Excel, you have to think like Excel does. We’ll teach you that so you can write powerful formulas without a hiccup.

  • Complete mastery of Excel

    In this advanced course, you will get more than a handful of unique tips as well tools to help you master Excel like a champ.

  • Practical use of Excel in work

    Our advanced Excel training will help you streamline and automate your work flow with the humble Excel sheet.

Become an Excel wizard with our program and easily streamline your business. Our course will help you acquire the following skills-

  • Basic formula syntax
  • Common errors and IFERROR
  • Function, CTRL & ALT shortcuts
  • Fixed vs. volatile functions
  • Anatomy of the IF statement
  • Fixing errors with IFERROR
  • Sum product function
  • Index and Match functions
  • CONCATENATE Function (&)


  • 98 Lectures
  • 07:52:10


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Alka Saxena – 01-Nov-18:

My job is entirely based on the Excel sheet. However, I’m not very good at Excel, which led me to taking the Prolytics course. Now I can proudly say that I too am a pro at Excel!

Pushpendra Tomar – 24-Oct-18:

Every single Excel sheet formula was taught in such a simplistic manner by the trainers at Prolytics that I had no problem in remembering them! This is how all Excel courses should be!

Shlok Tonk – 01-Oct-18:

Excel formatting, formulae and other functions were brilliantly taught by the experts at Prolytics. The course even offered extra bonus tips, which really helped me at excelling in my job!