Mongo Database

Mongo Database

MongoDB is getting popular now-days because of its flexibility and capability of storing non-relational data on a super large scale and have power to solve such problems that regular databases can’t handle. Main reason behind its popularity is that it is used on Big data operations effectively and scalability for modern applications like social media with Facebook, searches like Google and other sectors like Health, Educations, Aviation etc.

In this course you will learn building a complete web application using new techniques such as querying with JavaScript without SQL, working with nested data and creating views.

What will you learn
  • How to use Mongo Database

    We will not only show how to use MongoDB but will also help you deciding when and where to use MongoDB when developing apps.

  • Designing Mongo database

    The tutors at Prolytics will teach you the A to Z of designing a Mongo database – right from its start to the finish.

  • Advantages and features of Mongo

    Mongo has plenty of advantages and features of its own, especially as compared to RDBMS database. You’ll learn all about them here.

By learning everything about Mongo database, you will be able to handle Big Data operations with ease. Plus, you will learn the following skills with us-

  • MongoDB and RDBMS
  • How to install MongoDB
  • Running and configuring MongoDB
  • Creating and saving documents
  • Dropping a database
  • Reading a document, querying
  • Updating/deleting documents
  • Creating/finding/dropping indexes
  • One to one relationship
  • Starting mongod serve


  • 136 Lectures
  • 14:22:12


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Ankit Dixit – 04-Nov-18:

I was looking for a course on mongo database that neither cost much nor took too much of my time and I found the perfect one at Prolytics! Very happy with it overall.

Ravi Chauhan – 21-Oct-18:

This mongo database course has it all! The lectures are very informative and the tests at the end really help in knowing how much one has learned. Another great course by Prolytics.

Shivam Jadon – 14-Sep-18:

Major thumbs up to Prolytics for coming up with a course on mongo database! It’s not easy to find such a brilliant course at such low prices. This is how it should be done!