A development platform for any kind of workload or app, .Net is widely used for general purpose solutions. Its core features such as automatic memory management make it immensely useful for developers. It is very easy to build a high quality app on .Net.

However, learning .Net requires proper guidance, which you will get at Prolytics. Our extensive and covers every piece of information you need to become a pro at .Net development.

What will you learn
  • Install and operate .Net

    While installing is the easy part, operating .Net is harder. Our experts will guide you through the process with step-by-step instructions.

  • Collaborating with developers

    .Net allows you to collaborate with other developers to create apps. You will learn how to do that with us.

  • Database creation and starting developing

    We will give you basic understanding of how to create a database as well as begin developing with the help of .Net.

Once you become a .Net developer, you will be able to create apps of your own in no time. Here are the skills you will learn –

  • Using .Net
  • .Net based Microsoft developer tools
  • Using .Net to create apps
  • Team collaboration
  • SQL Express 2014
  • Principles of .Net
  • MVC Primer
  • ASP.NET security
  • Real world development
  • Shopping cart building


  • 92 Lectures
  • 16:25:55


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Ajay Gupta – 04-Nov-18:

There’s a lot to learn in .net development and I was afraid that at this price, the Prolytics course wouldn’t be able to cover it all but I was pleasantly surprised! This course is amazing!

Eshant Sharma – 24-Oct-18:

I don’t think a more detailed course on .net development than the one offered by Prolytics exists! And to think I got a major discount on this course. Prolytics made my career!

Shashikant Kushwah – :

A big thank you to Prolytics for having an easily affordable .net development course! It really helps students like me hone their skills and make all of their dreams come true.