Php Development Course

PHP Course Details

In the training of our PHP Course you will explore the professional part of PHP in our institute. At the end of this advance PHP training course you would be able to develop dynamic websites, web applications, data driven projects etc. This course has been designed by our expert trainers & lecturers by using their skills, knowledge & on the job exposure. The content of the course is enhanced & updated according to the changes in technological trends in order to meet the industry standards.

The process to sign up in this course is simple & hassle free. Our expert trainers are professionals who have many years of experience in web development. It helps them to train you on the complications that you may face in the job beforehand. These experts will let you work on the live projects.

Excerpt: This advanced training PHP course at Prolytics is the best as only expert trainers & professionals will train you to enhance your skills by letting you to work on live projects.

What will you learn
  • Create (CMS) Content Management System

    You will learn to create (CMS) Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal, magento or Joomla.

  • Advanced PHP Learning

    You will learn to create your own web applications based on PHP programming and our instructures deeply clear all the advanced PHP skills.

  • Complete Coverage of PHP Course

    We have included all the basic and advanced PHP skills like Oop's Concept, Control Statements, State Management, PHP With DataBase, String in PHP and more.

Become a PHP Master and create your own projects and web applications. below we have mentioned the skills which you will learn in this course.

  • Learn MySQL
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Use forms to submit data
  • Databases Managment
  • HTML 5 / Bootstrap
  • Content Management System
  • Launch your Web Application
  • AJAX to submit data
  • PHP security
  • API to bring Data


  • 342 Lectures
  • 38:54:51


Based on 1150 reviews

Rahul Gupta – 12-Nov-18:

This PHP development course turned me into a pro at designing websites! Now every company wants to hire me. I couldn’t be happier!

Ankit Tiwari – 04-Nov-18:

Enrolling myself in the Prolytics PHP development course was the best decision I’ve ever made! This course helped me get a high paying job and taught me everything I need to know.

Karishma Sehgal – 15-Oct-18:

I have to say that the PHP instructors at Prolytics are the best! I’m a slow learner and yet they patiently helped me learn the basics of the course in the best possible manner.