React JS

React JS

React JS is not a framework but a view layer which is very helpful while you start working in a team and aims a well-organised code. This course is specially designed for programmers to develop their web development skills. This course will help you in making small components and then combining them into complex one. React JS is the most demanded and futuristic language for developers.

What will you learn
  • Fundamental concepts

    React JS is the most trending langugage, which you need to understand in order to get a good exposure to industry. We will teach you that.

  • Handling Events
  • Integrated Development Environmen†

    You will start coding in ODE like a pro.

You can become pro at React JS with us. Here’s a list of the skills you will learn-

  • Acquire hands-on knowledge on basic React components and apply them
  • Code a React with online Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like an expert
  • Manage data by using State and Props of React
  • Learn how to handle events
  • Execute React’s robust router
  • Use flux to augment features of a React app
  • Implement Bootstrap and CSS to style a React app
  • Understand about React and how it fits into your web developing process


  • 120 Lectures
  • 31:35:30


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Ashish – 15-Mar-19:

This is the best course as I learned a lot from this reactjs course as a live project was involved.

Apeksha – 22-Jun-19:

The instructors I had when doing the Reactjs course at Prolytics were just out of the world! They could turn complex concepts into simple ones without even trying.