eCommerce Development–WooCommerce

eCommerce Development–WooCommerce

This eCommerce development course has been designed especially for beginners & intermediate level students. In this course our expert trainers will walk you through e-commerce website development from scratch using HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Java Script, PHP & SQL. You will also get to learn creating eCommerce websites using WordPress WooCommerce.

Enroll now in the eCommerce Web Development Course and revolutionize your skills, learning & career. Start building robust eCommerce websites and cash earning websites – and enjoy more and bigger opportunities.

What will you learn
  • Installing and creating products

    Learn how to install as well as create products at the storefront. This will help in displaying your products in the best possible manner.

  • Creation of digital products website

    If you wish to sell digital products such as online newspapers, magazines, music etc., you’ll be taught how to create a suitable website for them.

  • Install payment gateway

    Learn how install and use a payment gateway on your website. We will also show you how to link it to PayPal and receive payments via the PayPal.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and fully functional e-commerce website of your own. You will also learn the following skills-

  • Create group projects
  • Add MailChimp support
  • Wordpress for WooCommerce
  • WooCommerce and Shopify
  • Creating a gallery in products
  • Managing inventory
  • Adding main image categories
  • Adding shipping zones
  • Setting live rates with USPS
  • Receiving payments


  • 131 Lectures
  • 08:15:55


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Sunny Jain – 09-Nov-18:

The WooCommerce course at Prolytics helped me set up on my own e-commerce with ease! Within just a week, I learned all that I needed to and that too a nominal cost!

Rinshu Gupta – 28-Oct-18:

Prolytics changed my life for the better with its WooCommerce course! Before them I had no idea how to start an e-commerce website but their course taught me every small detail I needed to know!

Manan Yadav – 05-Oct-18:

With a friendly faculty and affordable prices, the WooCommerce course offered by Prolytics is the best you’ll find in the industry. Try it if you don’t believe me!