If there’s one content managing system (CMS) that rules the market, it is WordPress. This system is single handedly responsible for powering a huge chunk of the web. The demand for WordPress developers is steadily rising. Especially for those who possess the ability to create customized themes and plugins.

If you wish to be a WordPress developer who possesses an in-depth knowledge of its different concepts, you have come to the right place. At Prolytics, we will teach there is to know about WordPress. Our course will be taught by the leading experts of the industry and will help you secure a bright career in this field.

What will you learn
  • PHP for WordPress

    PHP for WordPress can help you create beautiful, material websites. Our tutors will teach you that and more such as the Loop, Hooks, Conditionals etc.

  • Template Hierarchy

    All the basics of the template hierarchy including how to know which file to customize will be taught to you.

  • Starter Template

    As a part of the course, you will be taught to create standard templates, which you can use to create your own WordPress plugins.

Start an amazing journey as a WordPress developer once you complete your course at Prolytics. Here’s a list of the skills you will be taught-

  • Desktop Server from ServerPress
  • Local from Flywheel
  • Editing WordPress files locally
  • Pushing from Local to Staging
  • WordPress PHP Coding
  • Starter Theme Basics
  • Index.php template
  • Footers in WordPress
  • Adding Markup to a theme
  • Including template tags


  • 178 Lectures
  • 17:55:55


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Surjeet Singh – 09-Nov-18:

I wasn’t getting promoted so I decided to take the wordpress development course at Prolytics. My boss was so impressed with what I learned that he instantly promoted me!

Vikas Mathur – 24-Oct-18:

I took the wordpress development course at Prolytics and I must say, my analytical skills have significantly improved! Thanks guys for teaching me so much.

Jitendra Pathak – 21-Sep-18:

A friend suggested the wordpress development and Prolytics and told me it was the best ever. After trying it out for myself, I have to agree! The knowledge I got after the course made me my boss’s favorite!